Joseph Biasco

God. Freedom. Country.

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress in NJ CD 11.

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Why I’m Running

My decision to run for Congress stems from a sense of personal honor, duty and obligation. Often I think back to the brave patriots at Lexington, Concord and Bastogne. As my own time for action harkens I often think to myself: “Am I less of a man than those brave patriots who left all there was to give on the altar of freedom?” 

When a sitting President is removed via massive fraud with no recourse, it is time for action. When our government forces poison vaccines onto people, injuring and killing them, it is time for action. When inflation is causing families financial ruin, it is time for action. 

I will speak the inconvenient truths that our elected officials refuse to acknowledge and suppress. That is why I am running for Congress. Will you stand with me?


Election Integrity

 If the plethora of irregularities surrounding the 2020 Election for President are not properly investigated, our Republic will forever be compromised.

Medical Freedom

The government, the Administrative State and their lackeys in the Fake News Media told you that the COVID vaccines were safe and effective.


The COVID narrative that was forced upon the world was a purposeful effort to eradicate the life, freedoms and standard of living we once knew.

School Choice

 Our children are a true captive audience to the NEA agenda and there is nothing mom and dad can do about it.


Joseph Biasco

Originally from Union City, NJ and now living in Lincoln Park, Joe is a long-time New Jersey resident and a recently retired police officer who is looking to continue serving his community.