Joseph Biasco

Libertarian Candidate for New Jersey CD11

Greetings, my name is Joseph Biasco. I’m originally from Union City, NJ and currently call Lincoln Park my home. I graduated from North Bergen High School in 1986 and Saint Peter’s University in 1991, with a bachelor’s degree in business. After graduation, I joined the Borough of Cliffside Park Police Department. Starting off as a Class I Special Officer and 30 years later retiring at the rank of Captain and heading the Patrol Division.

Serving the people of Cliffside Park was a privilege for me. Making a positive difference in people’s lives and showing care and compassion to those in crisis was always foremost on my mind guiding my actions. I always considered the job a blessing as it provided an opportunity to serve others as well as providing for both myself and my family. Every day upon reporting for duty the old proverb, “of to whom much is given much is owed,” always dictated to me how I interacted with the public.

I now hope for the privilege of serving the people of NJ Congressional District 11. My reasons for running for Congress are all around you. When you go to the grocery store or gas pump or when you look at your 401K. Since the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump something has gone wrong, terribly wrong in our country.

The COVID lockdowns, where purchasing lottery tickets was deemed essential but places of worship were not. The vaccines that were forced upon us that not only don’t work but are causing both severe side effects and even death. I am the only candidate running for Congress who will question the entire COVID narrative. Holding the CDC, FDA and Anthony Fauci accountable. The only candidate who will affirm in public that our elections have been compromised to the extent that it removed a sitting President. The only candidate who will speak the truths that we feel free to discuss at the dinner table but would cause our being canceled if made public.

The time to sit on the sidelines is way past us. The Globalist cabal that has seized power in our country is coming for the life and freedoms you knew. The life and freedoms you wanted to pass onto your children. A third party vote is not a wasted vote. It sends a message that “we the people” have had enough. I will stand and fight each and every day. I hope that you will stand with me. I chose my campaign slogan to be, “God, Freedom, Country.” Need more be said?