The COVID narrative that was forced upon the world was a purposeful effort to eradicate the life, freedoms and standard of living we once knew. To usher in a New World Order that will empower and enrich the global elites at the expense of “we the people.” Does anyone actually believe that our intelligence apparatus is unable to pinpoint the origins of COVID? Does anyone find the timing of the virus suspicious? A Presidential election year with a President proving to be an existential threat to the New World Order and their maligned agenda. A virus providing cover for causing unprecedented changes in the way our elections are held. The Constitution being subverted and judicial activists being the enablers. Checks and balances in the established way that elections have always been held, purposely disregarded, all in the name of COVID.

Lockdowns where the unelected administrative state decided who and what was essential, and who and what was not. Face diapers that never worked and precious irrecoverable time lost for our children. Essential medical procedures denied and delayed, exasperating preexisting conditions and causing further illness or even death. Our children are experiencing unprecedented delays in speech and even reductions in IQ, all in the name of COVID.

The lockdowns provided no appreciable reduction in COVID illness and death. Instead it provided a pretext and cover for an erosion of our civil liberties and for a direct attack on the life and standard of living we once knew. Why was the unelected administrative state given this power? Who was behind these horrid decisions? Why was dissent from the establishment narrative crushed so voraciously? If elected, I will exhaust every effort to provide some modicum of actual clarity on these issues to the American people. My opponents will never force answers to these hard questions. So I ask, are they then worthy of your vote?