Poison COVID Vaccines, Autism and Medical Freedom

The government, the Administrative State and their lackeys in the Fake News Media told you that the COVID vaccines were safe and effective. They told you that the vaccines would stop both the contracting and spreading of COVID. You were lied to, purposely and disingenuously lied to. The Fake Vaccines not only don’t work as advertised but they are making people sick, causing horrific side effects and even death. Unfortunately this evil charade is still in its infancy with every day bringing new horrors for its victims. Yet any Doctor or healthcare professional who dared question the establishment’s narrative on the vaccines were ruthlessly silenced. No dissent of any kind from the narrative permitted, irrespective of credentials. Human beings perished in the thousands because they were denied life saving therapeutics, all in the name of the vaccine. Every other alternative treatment option denied sick and dying people to further the vaccine agenda. Why was this done? Contrary to most elected officials or persons seeking office I will state the truth.

First reason would be monetary, there were a great many who made inordinate amounts of money off the vaccines. They financially benefited at the expense of sick and dying people, it’s rather ghoulish actually. The second reason is control. The vaccine agenda empowered the administrative state to never before seen heights. Agencies headed by people we did not elect and who were often financially compromised were able to impose their will on the public and their bodies. Being forced to choose between feeding one’s family via gainful employment or not taking the poison jab and starving. These dictates are criminal actions and if we had even a single federal law enforcement agency that had not become a weaponized arm of the DNC they would be investigating it right now. The third is perhaps the most unsettling. The Party of Davos and the world economic forum have been very clear: there are too many of us, too many useless feeders using up the natural resources of their new God Mother Earth. I will be as forthcoming as possible; I do not believe that the “Great Culling” is a baseless fringe conspiracy theory bereft of any semblance of truth. Has anyone else running for, or currently in office, dared address this very matter of life and death?

Autism – COVID has taught us that both the CDC and FDA are compromised. The documented financial conflicts of interest at the heads of both agencies are far too numerous to list here. Both agencies have proven that they are not worthy of our trust. They have proven that they are not worthy of dictating what goes into the bodies of our children. They are not worthy of our blind trust. If the CDC and FDA could be complicit and culpable on the scale they have regarding the horror of the COVID narrative and fake poison vaccines. What else have they lied over? I’m 54 years old, why does my age group not recollect anywhere near the amount of Autism cases we see now. Why do graphs show over the last 30 years or so an increase of both vaccines and cases of Autism? If dissent was squashed with ruthless abandon during COVID, how do we not know this has not been their “modus operandi” all along? Who “fact checks” them? Who are they accountable to? No one knows their child better than a mother and father. So many parents of children with Autism have told me their parental instincts tell them that the vaccine regimen imposed upon them was contributory to their child’s condition.

The time has come to take control over not only our own bodies but more importantly those of our children. The CDC and FDA need to be removed with a new system. A system that puts out actual unbiased information and allows both parents and people to make their own decision for what is in their best health interests. If elected I will exhaust every effort to take these ghouls head-on, expose them, and God willing, disband them.