One day my mother called me. She was babysitting Joey and watching the news when our actual President Donald J. Trump came on. Joey told grandma that he’s a mean, bad man. He then told grandma that “Miss Amy” told him this at his pre-school. I didn’t pay tuition to the school for Miss Amy to impose her political agenda on my child. Suffice to say that incident was handled forthwith and not repeated. In this case I had actual leverage because I had the option to remove Joey from the school causing financial ramification. He is now happily enrolled in Catholic School. Due to the stranglehold and control the NEA has over the professional political class, parents are absent recourse. The teachers unions and their campaign contributions have neutered parents rendering them both voiceless and powerless in their child’s education. Our children are a true captive audience to the NEA agenda and there is nothing mom and dad can do about it. As long as the campaign contributions continue devoid transparency so will the status quo. 

Why does the government get to decide where the tax dollars allocated for my child’s education get to go? Why am I not allowed a choice to immerse my child in an educational system congruent with our family values and beliefs? Why am I financially punished for not adhering to the educational narrative? Why has our elected leadership been so blatantly emasculated? Lack of personal courage or conviction? Financial conflicts of interest? Take your pick.

Does anyone actually think it is appropriate for children to be exposed to drag queens spreading their legs so as to draw attention to their private parts? Transgender lap dances? What person of sane mind thinks that books containing pornography have a place in a school library for children? Forced parade marches for gay pride week? It’s obscene, all of it. The whole of it is not wanton or arbitrary. It is a directed effort to rob our children of their innocence. To not only callously rob them of the joys and innocence of childhood but to both indoctrinate and initiate them to the agenda of the radical left. The most sacred duty a parent has is to protect and maintain the innocence of their child. The radical left is coming to formulate the values of your children via their school monopoly and political power. They are coming for your children so as to usurp parental guidance and authority and replace it with the State as the ultimate arbiter of your child’s values system and beliefs.

The only way to break the control that the NEA and teachers union have over your child is to elect the right people into office. People not beholden to their campaign contributions or even worse in principled agreement with their agenda. Our children deserve better and our children are a hill most worth dying on. Do not let them silence you. If elected I will stand with each of you in every municipality in the district to whatever end.