If the plethora of irregularities surrounding the 2020 Election for President are not properly investigated in an unbiased manner, our Republic, democracy and the freedoms we once knew will forever be compromised. If a sitting President can be removed without recourse of any kind, are we free? Is our democracy working in the way the founding fathers meant it to? The evidence brought forward by many brave patriots is overwhelming. Patriots that have personally suffered at the hands of weaponized law enforcement for their seeking the truth. There is Dr. Shiva and the Arizona audit, Justice Gableman and the nursing home scandal in Arizona where invalids were exploited for their votes. The Dominion voting machines that we were told were 100% foolproof we now find out is a completely false claim. The 2000 Mules movie exposed a massive multi-state ballot harvesting scheme. The massive ballot dumps that occurred as most of the nation was asleep.

The legacy media, big tech and collaborative elected officials repeatedly force-fed you the term “most secure election ever.” They lied to you, they purposefully misled you to keep you from seeing the truth. Personal gain and partisan politics with no fear of repercussions emboldened so many of them to blatantly sow falsehoods and deceive. There is a reason why the Biden administration and Merrick Garland’s weaponized Department of Justice are pulling naysayers to the false election narrative from their homes in the middle of the night. They hope to suppress the truth and instill fear into any who dare challenge the illegitimate Biden regime. This is perhaps the greatest instance of electoral malfeasance in the history of western democracy.

Neither of my opponents will dare speak these truths. Be it partisan politics, self preservation or a lack of personal courage. Be sure of their silence while adhering to the establishment’s narrative and their refusal to address the Great Steal. Are they then worthy of your vote? If elected I will fight for this issue from the very first day to my last in office.