Libertarian Party Candidate Excluded from NJ CD-11 Congressional Debate Held By New Jersey Globe

Oct 24, 2022

On October 23th, the New Jersey Globe held a live-stream debate on YouTube between NJ CD-11 congressional candidates DeGroot and Sherrill. Unfortunately, the NJ Globe did not see it fit to include the Libertarian candidate, Joseph Biasco, in the debate.

The NJ Patch reached out to Biasco for comment about his exclusion from the debate. Joseph had this to say:

“Had I been included I would have addressed several issues. The stolen 2020 election, the war in Ukraine and the ever-looming threat of a nuclear exchange. The poison vaccines and the thousands that might have been saved had they been given therapeutics. The Woke cancel mob that ruthlessly silences opposing views. The perils of globalism and ceding sovereignty.”

The NJ Patch article can be read here.

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